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Digital Art Projector Adapters
How far away does the projector have to be get the size I want?
Mobile Device Connections to Digital Art Projectors
Connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Flare – Inspire – Impression Digital Art Projector by Artograph
How to reverse projected images so it faces you for shadowless drawing
How to rear screen projector your image for shadowless tracing
How to square your image with a digital projector
How to Use the tripod for Artograph Digital Art Projectors
Attaching a digital projector to the table stand
Screw digital projector table stand to work table for greater stability
Features of the Flare150 and Inspire1000 Digital Art Projectors
How to adjust keystone on the Flare150 and Inspire1000
How to Show grids
How to make an image grayscale
Flare150 Included contents
Inspire1000 Included contents
The Flare projector won’t power on
My image off USB won’t project
Can I mirror my computer screen with an Amazon Fire TV stick?
What is the best image features set-up order? Flare150 and Inspire1000
How do I adjust the photo settings?
How do I save image settings?
How can I get a clear image without shadows?
The remote doesn’t work when I’m facing the projector
What is resolution?
What is aspect ratio?
How to resize an image for a digital Art Projector
How to insert battery into Flare100 remote control
International voltage requirements
Mirroring desktops using Chromecast
Which type of projector should I buy?